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Supporters of the Autism Society of Maine often ask how they can participate in their workplace charity giving programs, while also helping the Autism Society of Maine in providing support and services for those individuals with Autism.

We are pleased to announce that donations to most United Way Campaigns can be directed to the Autism Society of Maine. It is now possible to benefit your family and community while at work.

And employers are making charitable giving very accessible. Most workplace campaigns take pledges in the last quarter of each year and offer variable payment methods for your gift in the following year. Campaigns often allow you to take out small amounts of money from your paycheck each month to fulfill your pledge.

For example, writing a single check for $300.00 may be a strain on your budget. But that same contribution, spread out over twelve months as a monthly $25 payroll deduction, may not be as difficult. Remember that even if your employer does not actively pursue an office-wide campaign, often they will have set up charitable giving options that you can use. Don't be afraid to ask what the company policies are.

Whether you are a seasoned contributor at your workplace or planning a first-time gift, please consider writing-in the Autism Society of Maine as a recipient of your generosity. The information below may help you make informed decisions about your contributions.

United Way of America

United Way of America has a network of 1300 local affiliates throughout the country. Most of these affiliates will allow you to designate the Autism Society of Maine as your charity of choice.

Most United Ways do not encourage giving to non-member organizations and your workplace coordinator may not know this option exists – but it does! You can write the ASM in under the donor option section as follows:

Autism Society of Maine
72B Main Street
Winthrop, ME 04364

The Autism Society of Maine

ASM advocates for improved services for people with Autism and their families by lending library and educational materials and holding workshops for parents, educators and providers. We reach out to the community through a toll free line (800-273-5200), providing information, referrals and advocacy services.