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Updates on the first week of the 118th Congress

A Forwarded Capital Connection Newsletter - Autism Society 1/12/2023

In this issue of Capitol Connection, find updates on the first week of the 118th Congress, legislative victories at the end of the 117th Congress, and a state advocacy win in Ohio, among other public policy updates. Please use the Autism Society’s Action Center to urge your Members of Congress to support legislation for the Autism community. 

118th Congress

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate returned to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, January 3rd to begin the 118th Congress, with Democrats maintaining control of the Senate (50-49, 1 independent) and Republicans taking control of the House (222-213), both by narrow margins (see list of new Senators and Representatives). Vice President Kamala Harris, in the role of president of the Senate, presided over the swearing-in of 35 newly elected or re-elected senators. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) officially secured the position of House Speaker early in the morning of January 7th. In order to win the support of the holdouts, McCarthy was pressured to support a series of House rule changes that includes a cap on federal spending at FY 2022 funding levels (from 2 years ago), an eight percent cut or $130 billion; allows lawmakers to use spending bills to defund specific programs; and makes it harder for lawmakers to raise the debt limit, among other provisions. The House passed the Rules package on Monday night on a largely partisan basis (220-213). 

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