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Halloween Tips and Tricks!


Halloween can be TriCkY!

What can be more confusing and “against the rules” than to walk through the neighborhood at night, knock on doors of neighbors you don’t even know? Greeted by decorations of goblins and witches and maybe even “Jason” from the Halloween movie behind the door! For many of our children this is scary to the 10th degree!

If you want to try and take out some of the surprise factor, social stories, videos of children going door to door with their costumes on can be a great way to work in some “rules” trick-or-treating.

There are so many options for celebrating at home with fun Halloween treats, crafts, pumpkin carving, and decorating. However you choose to celebrate Halloween, whether in the neighborhood or at home, is unique for your child and family. Happy Halloween!



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Blue Pumpkins / Decorations While blue pumpkins aren't associated with a formal fundraiser or organization, families may choose to display them as a symbol to help educate others on how Halloween festivities may impact a child on the autism spectrum.


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