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Elija Has Come So Far!

Elijah has come so far in the past 17 years.  As we head towards graduation from high school, it is a great time to look back.  Elijah did not meet many of his milestones. Through a lot of hard work, Elijah has come so far.  From the age of two and having Dr. tell us he might not walk on his own to now he is running up and down the basketball court as part of his unified basketball team.  From Dr. telling us he might never talk, to him now being able to be understood by anyone. Elijah love and passion is his reading, which did not come naturally and took him getting extra help.  Elijah spends most of his time reading, drawing, and swimming. He has such a loving and caring heart, and that smile when reading will get you every time. A lot of his growth came from camp summit.  I remember the first year Elijah went to camp he would not join any group activity, or circle time. By the last year he was joining everything, and he even went down the water side at the water park.  Elijah would not be where he is today without camp. Through all the years of therapy, Dr. appointments, and Elijah’s hard work he has come so far, and we keep striving for more!

by Christina Nason - September 2019

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