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Autism is Jacob's Superpower!

Jacob is seventeen years old.  He has autism.  He lists this as his super power.  I know this to be a fact, because he's an amazing young man who touches every person he meets.  His confidence knows no bounds.  He really is super.  He is the proud big brother to two younger siblings.  

When he was young, he was afraid of everything.  He'll readily tell you this.  But he's always been surrounded by those invested in his growth, whether it be his family, his church, his school, or his ASM.  This love and support has helped him come out of his shell and demonstrate some pretty amazing things.  

Jacob first showed an aptitude for percussion as a little boy, but was so nervous at the concerts that he used to close his eyes and get hand-over-hand assist with drumming.  Now he plays the drum kit in the high school pep band.  He mentors new musicians.  


After trying basketball for a season, he found his niche wasn't on the court, but in supporting those on the court.  Jacob manages, and serves as team videographer, for the Schenck High School boys and girls tennis, basketball, and soccer teams.  He is their go-to guy.  He radiates school spirit.  Jacob is a founding member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and was inducted into his local Career and Tech Ed school's National Technical Honor Society. 

Just this summer, Jacob realized his goal of amassing over one thousand subscribers for his YouTube channel, another outlet for his creativity and love of media/videograpy.  

It hasn't always been all sunshine and rainbows, but we get by with a combination of hard work, love, and humor.  As Jake enters his senior year of high school, we face our next set of hurdles: post-graduate life, driver's education/driver's license, and employment.  Even though we have more questions than answers right now, we're confident that things will work out.

Ryan Whitehouse, August 2019

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