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Liam is inducted into the National Honor Society!

My son, Liam was diagnosed with Autism when he was 1+ years old. He is a twin. He did everything 1st; walk, talked, meeting all the milestones until he turned 1. He became non-verbal and his twin brother continued on with his own milestones. I feel if Liam was not a twin, I may have not noticed the early signs. It was devastating to our family. Learning what to do was an experience no one can understand unless they too lived it. My own family didn’t get it. I still remember the day we were at my sister’s house for her birthday when my friend Cheryl & I cheered with excitement when Liam signed & spoke “help me”! You think we won the lottery. My family member ran in to see what was going on and we told them what he said. They looked at us like, oh o.k. and left the room.

Liam has been verbal since 3rd grade. He is a man of few words. But looking back, it’s been a long road, Between the specialists, therapies, and everything else included in my son's life. The meltdowns, sleepless nights, no one  wanting to babysit my child, the transitions and the explaining to strangers that he has Autism.”. We have been a member of the Autism Society of Maine for many years. We also look forward to attending the Family Retreat Weekend every year. Having great support throughout our journey has made Liam the man he is today.

Liam is now going to be 18 yrs old in September and will be a Senior this year. He was inducted into the National Honor Society. Neither his teachers or myself knew this until he told me “we needed to be at the high school at 6:00 for his celebration”. He has taken 4 math classes in his Junior year, one was a college online course from Fort Kent… and informed me; ”Mom, that’s near Canada”!  He wants to go to College to be a Middle or High School Math teacher, learn how to drive and get a job so he can make money. We are so proud of Liam with all his accomplishments.

August 2019

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