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ABLE Account Tax Time Tips

ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings and investment accounts for eligible people with disabilities. An ABLE account can help the account holder save money that does not affect benefits based on need. It can be used to pay for qualified disability expenses which enhance their health, independence quality and life. 

On February 6th, 2024, the ABLE National Resource Center held “ABLE Tax Time Tips” webinar, focused on how ABLE account owners can increase their ABLE savings and qualify for tax incentives now and in the future.

Discussed in this webinar recording:
· Discuss tax incentives, deductions and refunds to build ABLE savings;
· Share why you should consider filing taxes even if you are not required to file;
· Tell you about free tax filing options;
· Cover guidance that will help ABLE account owners’ 2023 tax filing;
· Identify steps now that may benefit your ABLE account for 2024 tax filing;

See the "Tax Time Tips" Webinar page which includes links to the webinar recording, the webinar slides, and fact sheet which includes links to additional resources.